We are available at any time for questions or information. Your contact partners are:

Mr. Lüth
Company Management

Phone:+49 (3981) 23 93 73
E-Mail: lueth@kwt-grosshandel.de

Mrs. Weiher
Sales Office

Tel.:+49 (3981) 23 93 73
Languages:English, German

Frau Melanie Barz

Tel.:+49 (3981) 23 93 73
E-Mail: barz@kwt-grosshandel.de

Mr. Haase

on the road for you

Tel. HGW: +49 (152) 03 82 55 68

We are on the road for you all over Germany. We also deliver to countries outside Germany (Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland and a lot more) on request.